Social Posting Frequency for Small Businesses..and more

Social media is more than just Facebook, and many businesses are recognizing the importance of using all social media platforms to attract a broader number of their target audience. When it comes to Millennials and social media, platforms such as Instagram offer a very important way to reach this very important demographic.

Interesting Trends in Social Media Use

There are several reasons why this is so important. From a purely economic perspective, Millennials are the largest online shopping group, spending about $600 billion in 2017 with that number anticipated to top $1.4 trillion by 2020. These numbers include all retail sales, but keep in mind this is also the demographic that is most likely to shop online.

In a study completed in 2016 by PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC, it was found that 42% of Millennials that are buying in retail outlets are also online while in the stores, finding out information about products and comparing prices.

Where are Millennials going online to find information about items they want to purchase? It isn’t surprising that social media platforms are ranking very high in this answer. However, Facebook is not the place that the overwhelming majority are going, but they do use Facebook for social interactions, which provides branding options.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, offers the image-only option of getting information. Unlike Facebook that is holding steady with the number of users and anticipation of increased future use, about 24% of Instagram users report increasing their use over of the platform over the next year.

To attract customers to any social media platform, posting to the account is critical for the business. After all, without a dynamic and interactive approach to social media, it isn’t going to attract the target audience regardless of their age or social media usage patterns.

Social Posting Frequency

While posting too infrequently creates a lack of interest and awareness of your branding for the product or service, posting too frequently creates the opposite problem. When posts are random, frequent and irrelevant to the target audience, they become annoying and even a negative to branding efforts.

The good news is that by carefully crafting posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, small to medium-sized businesses can compete very effectively with large companies. By staying within the ideal zone for posting, it is also easy for even a small business to plan and stay within their advertising budget. The timing or frequency of original posts is not a specific number, but rather it varies based on the specifics of the demographic. What is critical, particularly for Millennials, is to have a prompt response if they post a question or a comment.

Most millennials will check their phones about 43 times per day. They are also more likely to share content as well as click on content shared by peers. So not only is it important to understand the ideal frequency of posts for your target audience, but to make the information informative, relevant and timely to boost shares and increase your position as a trusted brand.




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